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First Lab Retreat, finally. NMRite?

After a long hiatus due the pandemic and our busy calendars, we finally we able to have out first lab retreat. We mixed 3 major elements into the agenda: a science, hidden curriculum, and a DEI. For this retreat, our science topic was NMR and everyone gave a short talk to build knowledge from the basic 1D experiments, all the way to 2D NMR and advanced techniques for stereochemical determination. This was followed by an NMR problem session where students learned the basics of how to use software for interpreting raw NMR data. We then had 2 other major sessions, one for digital organizing and another for emotional learning/mentee styles to assess how we approach work. In between sessions we cooked some delicious meals and made time for some beach hangouts, game nights and even an ice cream outing. Great times all around and we are looking forward to the next one.

Lara give first talk of the NMR presentations session.

Group breakfast pre-NMR presentations session.

Our trustee Post-it Board with lab members "signature".

Victoria discussing details of how COSY NMR experiments work.

Several lab members ready for some snorkeling at Cerro Gordo Beach.

Group closely following NMR presentation about stereochemistry assignment.

Dr. Caro and Laura discuss complex splitting patterns in H-NMR.

Naiara discussing rotamers and how they behave in proton NMR.

Group hanging out at the beach after a long day of NMRing.

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