Our Research


Collection Trips

Based in Caribbean, our biggest inspiration for research is the ocean. Puerto Rico's coastlines offer dynamic and diverse ecosystems than are rich in biology and chemistry. We routinely explore different ocean environments in search for organism that provide a starting point for the drug discovery process.


Extraction/Isolation of Marine Natural Products

With a variety of marine organisms at hand, we extract the biomass and analyze the chemical composition via analytical chemistry techniques. Using a variety of chromatographic conditions and instruments, we are able to isolate single-chemical-entities that we can further characterize chemically.


Biological Screening

We collaborate with experts in the biological sciences to screen extracts, fractionated samples and pure compounds for biological activity. This guides our isolation process and provide insight into the pharmaceutical properties of our chemical samples.


Synthetic and Medicinal Chemistry

Chemical synthesis continues to be essential in the drug discovery process to provide access to SCE of interest as well as a method to diversify nature's pharmacopoeia via the synthesis of natural product analogs.